The Kuala Selangor District Council (MDKS), a total of 1040 units of "two wheel bin" waste was distributed by the Kuala Selangor District Council (MDKS) to 3 Kampung Baru through a special ceremony at Kampung Baru Tiram Setia JKKK Hall.

The handover of this trash is the result of the Selangor State Government's contribution to new villages in order to dispose of garbage systematically. Three villages receiving these free tongs are Kampung Baru Ijok, Kampung Baru Seri Berjuntai and Kampung Baru Tiram Setia.

This program is MDKS's commitment to foster a culture of cleanliness among the people in this area and it is hoped that the people can utilize this free litter. Indirectly can help reduce new areas of illegal dumping in this area

The MDKS is always serious in dealing with the issue of illegal waste in the district and is looking forward to cooperation from government agencies and the public in an effort to ensure Kuala Selangor zero illegal waste.

The hotspot areas of MDKS are Kampung Sri Sentosa, Tanjung Karang (Alternative Road Bagan Pasir and Sungai Kajang Beach), Ijok (Jalan Pusara Ijok and Jalan Abdul Aziz Batu 8 Ijok), Sungai Buloh (Target Road and Sungai Buloh Bagan) Jeram (Jalan Sungai Janggut and Bukit Hijau) and Pasir Penambang (Jalan Bagan Pasir Penambang and Pengkalan Permatang ").

Periodic monitoring as well as continuous enforcement actions were taken by the MDKS in the area through unauthorized enforcement authorities.

If caught, the maximum compound rate of up to RM 1000.00 and on conviction shall be liable to a fine not exceeding RM 2000.00 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year or both, and in the case of a continuing offense may in addition be liable to a fine not exceeding RM 200.00 per day the mistake is continuing.

Public cooperation is also needed in order not to waste the waste in the area afterwards and to report immediately to MDKS if it looks at this matter repeatedly.

Communities are encouraged to channel online complaints regarding MDKS services in the online system of SPARks or the Selangor People's Complaints Line System (STAR).