DISTRICT COUNCIL KUALA SELANGOR, 26 April 2017 (Wednesday), Kuala Selangor District Council held a monthly assembly held at Dewan Sri Siantan. The Council consists of the president MDKS, councilors, officers and staff of the Kuala Selangor District Council.


The ceremony began with the singing of the national anthem, the State and the Public Service by the choir MDKS. Next, reading pledge Public Service was presented by Mr. Mohd Saifuddin bin Aziz and prayers were led by Mr. Shahril bin Tomar to bless the ceremony.

The ceremony continued with the presentation of the Morning Reflections was presented by Mr. Mohamad Lutfi bin Mislah Hudin entitled "Honesty and sincerity". The ceremony continued with a speech by Mr. Mohd Azhar Mohamed Ali Bin AIS, SMS, PJK, the President of the Kuala Selangor District Council. Speech by Mr. Mohd Azhar Mohamed Ali Bin MDKS has encouraged staff to work harder and strive in the future.


Next, the ceremony ended with a cake cutting ceremony in celebration of the birthday of employees in March and April accompanied by the singing of 'Allah Selamatkan Kamu'.


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