MAJLIS DAERAH KUALA SELANGOR 19 August, tree planting Campaign is one of the Local Agenda 21 programme under The Cheer Charm MDKS. The proposed location is the main recreation area in coastal Tourist Pantai Remis, Jeram actively in upgrade by the Council through a development proposal which is currently in phase 2 for the stages of implementation.


As many as 244 Rod staple involves 4 types of such staple Staple Staple Rhu, Blue Jeniperus, Muraya Staple and staple of either a chelate Paya has been planted in working together along the Shore Mussels. In addition, held the match "Sand Art" and senamrobik. This program received cooperation than LBS Bina Group, Tesco, Ecoworld, Kossan, MKH and SSH.


As all relevant parties, MDKS acted the main role to be active in carrying out such a programme to promote and create awareness to the community and local residents to work together to preserve and conserve the environment for mutual benefit and future generations.


The goal of the proposed upgrading the area was to meet the recreational needs and provide a sustainable cities to residents and tourists who come to Kuala Selangor district.  It is a target that has been set out in the Strategic Plan Mission namely 2016-2020 Provide MDKS Environment "Conducive For Municipal green economy Development, preservation of the environment, Heritage And quality of life" in the interest of the community.


These efforts include facilities for recreational activities, education, promoting the diversity of local resources and support to the individual and health facilities to the local community through cooperation with various parties such as government agencies, the private sector, the volunteers and the local community.

This was never the programme launched by the President of the Kuala Selangor District Council, Tuan Mohd Azhar Bin Mohamed Ali SMS, AIS, PJK,

Last Updated: Friday, 29 May 2020 - 8:41pm