Logo Majlis Daerah Kuala Selangor

 Kuala Selangor District Council Logo

Information on the Logo:

Lighthouse and  Melawati Hill

Lighthouse on top of  Melawati hill was built in 1907, with the purpose of giving directions to sailors at Straits of Malacca . It symbolizes MDKS giving a comprehensive service to the community regardless of race or religion .

River and Paddy Flower 

River and Paddy Flower symbolizes the prosperity and fertility of Kuala Selangor. River is the water source for the residents . Paddy in the Padi MDKS logo symbolizes the spirit of unity among members of MDKS giving service to the society with utmost responsibility. Other than that, symbol of Paddy Flower states that ( Tanjung Karang )is a place to plant paddy and is known as the Rice Bowl of Selangor.

Selangor Stage Goverment Symbol

Kuala Selangor is a district under the Administration of the Selangor State Government .

Efforts for the People

 Jawi writings are used as a sign of heritage and slogan to show the effort of MDKS in advancing the economy,social and physical for the society .

Cannon and Kota Malawati

MDKS are known as a destination for historical sites especially related to Selangor Malay Sultans.Cannon symbolizes strength and tenacity of people's unity .